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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Writing Concerns

I feel like most writers blogs are recycling the same articles over and over again recently. Sometimes, seeing the same information from various sources helps to drive the information home into your long term memory. Sometimes, it just becomes annoying.

What do you think? What topics are you interested in learning more about? Inspiration, Writer's Block, Clubs/Organizations, Exercises, Grammar, Writing Life, How-to's, Editing, Publication, Promotion, or something else?


D.G. Hudson said...

Why not share your interests - photography or poetry? Information on short fiction would interest me, that's something I've been working on.

Like most product cycles, blogging may be in the maturity stage before it becomes something better than a form of social media.

Julie Luek said...

I've been having such a difficult time reading or writing on blogs lately-- it all feels very old, tired, and mandatory. Maybe this is a signal something new is on the horizon or needed, at any rate.

Nicole said...

Agreed, though I'll admit I'm still interested in any new insights on the topics you mention. Like Julie said, it seems a little tougher to make the rounds lately too. I'm sure it's a combination of both time and interest/appeal.